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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 6, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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system. a the questn of equal rights and these are not equal rights. lou: thank you for joining us.. >> absolutely fantastic. weill e you again. >> are you ready colonel? >> does america still have a true grit? space some why is taking a risk becoming illegal? and the that upsets the cowboy libertarian the idea you will retaliate can ban something is crazy. >> shld this behavior be banned? it is time to toughen up this is it. >> these perdu engineers offended people because they are all white. is that offensive? at least some americans still have t. to like the
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businessman who fought back after this happened. >> a tornado cut a path of destruction. t-72, what happened to it? that is o show tonight. john: the dictionary says 82 means firmness of character and the indomitable spirit some people think of cowboys like characters played by john wayne and clint eastwood people think of patrick dorinson. who is he? a radio host who calls himself the cowboys a libertarian argues the bloated government is killing off grit in america. >> we have become a dependent state and we decided to trade freedom for security to say let the government handle these things let's be dependent on the government. john: you say your parents are very different.
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>> absolutely they said if you want to go be something in your life you have to get out there and start working when you are young, start doing thingsnd demonstrate the ability to stand by your own 2 feet the last few years we have been teaching self-esteem instead of self-relianc. john: they like them so. >> that is great we build an ice nation of narcissist. life has riskou cannot litigate or legislate your way out of every problem. something just happened. john: the one thing is we baby boomers embrace was the lfare state. i believed this would end poverty and it is a good example of the dependency talk because if you look at a graph of what happened after the war on poverty began it is true poverty dropd the first five years 9 million people were helped the look that since then the line goes up and down and the top people to be
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dependent and progress stopped and looked at the ve years before the war on poverty and people were lifting themselves out of poverty on their own without government. government helped a few people then stop the progress. >> look what else. katrina. hurricane katrina was predicted nowe have the ability to know that hurricane is coming your way and will hit new orleans like a powerful powerful test. so people sat there and waited for the government to come to bring the bus to take them to safety. that you have 10 days warning you start walking. you pack up your gear in and say i have got to get out of here because i have to save myself. no. people sat there and said wait until the goverent picks me up then people were sitting in the superdome. american people have become more of urbanized a.m. suburbanized and they want
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more things than the politicians are more than happy to say we will give you this a.m. best can that this tendency in this dependency and this service and people say keep doing that. give us more goodies. once congress can find out a can bribe the public with its own money that is the end of the republic. congress figured out how to do with every local official they take your money and then it is that and saying stand by your own 2 feet. john: it offers extended unemployment benefits. we can learn from denmark they once gave ld-off workers five years of unemployment benefits when did they finally find work? surprise. after exactly five years so denmark cut benefits that for years then they found jobs in four years now it is limited at two years but at
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least they are learning people in this country say know we should go the other way. these people are suffering and give more benefit. >> social governments in europe are running away from the welfare state and away from the fire but americans are dousing themselves as counsel -- gasoline that will burn down the whole structure because we cannot afford these things but it is about the character of e nation. if we keep putting the government do things for us what is this a about us as a people? john: i suppose you may say it is easy to talk about the harm done by the wfare state as we are privileged white guys but what about poor people are minorities? let's talk to somebody who is not white and grew up far from privilege. deneen borelli author of "backlash" claiming the left is driving americans to the government's plantation? >> the government economic
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plantation because there are way too many people who feel they are entitled to government support humphrey every day one and needed to look at the number of people who are obtaining government assistance we also trading that for votes. >> the number keeps going up and the numbers are deplorable money put that in perspective the state of california there are more people on food stamps john: but the jobs are out there. may not be the job that you won but in my book "backlash" i have worked a number of jobs and i was not the only crazy look at new jersey department of motor vehicles of manual typewriters and without a typewriter it was an experience but not the ideal situation but i did it.
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john: the jobs are out there last year i went to the welfare office not far from here and ask people why are you getting handouts? >> no jobs? didn't really? i asked my tm to check that out. within a few blocks they found lots of businesses that want to hire people. of 79 businesses that we asked him less thatwo hours, 40 said they would hire, 24 said they'd take people with no experience. the owner of this restaurant said he would hire lots of people. >> dominated come with no experience? >> i would probably take nine people and train them. john: at the welfare office people would toll on -- tell us there are no jobs. >> the net this woman who says she works for a human-resources there are no jobs around? >> i don't think so or there wouldn't be a line.
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john: arc some of them are not trying? some of them are not you can tell those that are. >> you tnk you encourage people to be dependent? >> yes we do. john: what should we do? >> i don't know. stop giving away the money then they get a job. john: handiwork for the government. >> that's right. %-someone in the government says that. >> the jobs are out there. you need to take responsibility and not rely on the government. it has extended unemployment benefits that after that people go on disability i don't understand that. but we are broke. john: using the racial part you use the government plantation that it implies slavery that is very different. >> i call it economic slavery and when you look at the people who are relying on government for the everyday ones antony's those resources are limited and
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with those come restrictions if you are gainfull employed you can do what everyone would resources and the sky's the limit is you can make as much money as you want when i left home i did not and no where job i would take but i took a job where i knew i could learn something and gain from it and indians from there. john: you say growing up you heard messages from civil rights -- rights leaders and said don't do that? >> yes. i call them the black liberal establishment community activist the naacp that message but it is the same message. john: that you cannot make it and blame others. john: charles murray said in the book losing ground we tried to provide more for the pork and produced more pork instead inadvertently we build a trap. >> absolutely.
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to the people have babies will pay you to have ilen we would give you a day and welfare for not working and housing that you don't have to pay for if you have no skin and the game if you don't have to fill out a lease with the deposit and pay rent and then what is the difference? you have no skin in the game. she said plantation? i think we have a vertical indian reservation where we warehouse human beings. john: talk about the children you say you punish the children they are innocent. >> of course, but at some point* you have break the cycle of poverty if you keep making more pork people because we are now for five generations into people who have nothing else than government support. >> joint -- judge judy overstocks about the case but then she says had to make a living?
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i get aid and they know government programs like the back of their hand but that is all they now. john: on amazon we looked at your page 45 there are some nasty comments about you. >> you are despicable. it is easy and profitable to pander to the republans give them one more blackface to try to show that we are not racist. >> there are two types of conservative the very rich and pools and deneen borelli falls in to the latter category. >> i am an american i don't care what the coents are that people write about. the reason they're right those comments is to try to stifle me and shut me down because my message is resonating. i am out liberty. john: it is resonating? ic the welfare state growing >> people are coming out of the closet called black nservatives coming announcing they preciate
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what i do and what i say but they are afraid to be targeted and criticized by friends and family when they agree with what i say. john: when you say we made progress and i am skeptical i think of snapped which is the new name for welfare i guess less of a stigma. >> the gb stupid name for atrocious program. [laughter] but they host the go themed parties for elderly to encourage them to get food stamps. >> whistle is how embarrassing our government is running ads for these parties to get more people to rely on the government and obama said he wants to fundamentally transform americato be more dependent on the government is part of that plan and it is the wrong plan for our country. john: you see people begging
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in cities like this and when i was a kid i would feel sorry for them and give them many. then we did test to find almost all of themad homes and were skimming people and the social service agencies say don't give to these people. by a chided for one hour and made $11. more than minimum wage by giving money to then you are teaching them to be dependent to say you don't need to work. >> we're teaching people to eat fish but not how to fish it is the old cliche it is true the more you make people dependent tey will not try to find themselve. >> we have to judge the program of milton friedman number their intention but their effectiveness. >> we have to many that are ineffective and you cannot get ready -- rid of any of them. thank you. coming up we want to protect our children but to as we
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john: younow, lew enter
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jackson was our seventh president he is on a $20 bill and during the revolutionary war jackson volunteered to fight and was 13 at the time. the british captured him and made him a servant for british officers 11 ordered jackson to clean his boots he said no and the officer lifted his ward and slashed jackson's ha and then he nearly starved in a prison camp but he had grit and survive damage on to become president. did you have that much when you were a kid? i doubt that i have it now and today i your parts say they have to protect their kids from all danger. some do not let teen-agers go to school by themselves that is nuts says lenore skanayzy saying ameritech needs and free range kids. >> their kids we believe and and don't think they are in
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constant farrell when they step outside we don't think they need bodyguards. john: they're stupid an foldable and bad things happen. >> rethink any time anything bad happens now we have to worry about that exact same thing i kid got hurt in utah i better not let my kids that is why we don't let them walk to school or rate at the bus stop do know what percentage of kids play outside unsupervised? john: 50? >> 6% play outside on their own because parents are afraid thinking something will terrible happened they will be kidnapped or fall down and they will be bullied. john: youecame the point* person after you write an article about a loving your nine year-old to take the subway by himself and you
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are coectly called america's worst mom. if you google america's worst on it is you. 77 google pages which was at last count. john: maybe you are. >> maybe but there is a lot of people to start to agree with me and realize for some reason we have been sold on the idea this generation can do anything on their own. my friends granddaughter is enrolled at what class? seven months old what do they do? >> she enrolled in crawling class. i guess this is what you get on your way out in these of our baby kneepads because you decorated the nursery in crash glass.
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this is around because we're told this generation is so vulnerable they cannot anything safely or succesully thatis why they're not outside playing and this is s just the tip of the iceberg. john: you started take our children to the parking and leave them there day. >> by a popular holiday. you take your children to the part that is closest to you because this stage some go to magnet or special ed or parochial and they don't necessarily know all the same children in the neighborhood you bring them to the local park at the ages seven or eight or nine you leave them there. why? john: they learn to manage themselves. >> it is called playing. john: they were not playing with the parents watching a. >> they were inside or on something electronic and they never had ahance remember we talked about 6 percent of kids outside
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data have a chance to even come up with a game so if you have the kids there they don't know what to do then they come up with something and learn how to invent games, and make teams and decide who is in our outdoor compromise and wait their turn all the stuff that mother i inature intended for kids to get the lessons they need to be decent citizens sandy since students creating your own find as opposed to a coach or a teacher. >> your work is a giant step backward forhild safety. >> that is the block this year i think i am pro child safety but i don't believe they need a security detail every time they leave the home. when kids get a little street smarts i think they are safer. one elderly woman wrote she had been in the allergist
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waiting room and was reading the newspaper with the magnifying glass and of the '03 year-old came over his she said the words get bigggr and the mother said get away from her you have to there and immediately not to trust strangers so that women just made her child into a social crippled with things everybody is equally dangerous and every situation is bad in every strang is a menace and i say the opposite that the more kids you get out and interact dimaria let them go and become human beings then they are safer. john: you brought this trophy? >> my son strophe but it as the of the teenage bowling ague. john: eighth place out of nine because i think the
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camp really thought we cannot send a kid come without a trophy because they cannot take it and that is another vote of non confidence. john: did your child survive? [laughter] >> he will not survive seeing it on tv bu he was okay until now because he had understand he stinks a bowling talk about grit it is realizing you can be bad as something you can fall down and scrape your knee and it is not the end of the world. grit is the ability to say that stinks' let me go forward. john: you once taped the tv series. >> i cannot ride a bike my mom doesn't wante to fall and her myself. >> my mom thinks that will cut myfingers off if i use a knife. >> i will teach and how to use a knife.
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>> i cut cheese. >> what are you doing? >> i cut a tomato. john: the clips that i saw putting some grits into their lives made them and their parents happier. >> i can do everything couldn't do. >> it makes me happy. john: the parents were shocked? >> all you have to do is take the children away from the overprotective family for a few hours in a few days in a row to derided by by, and use a knife then they are "built to succeed". they have the grit built into them and let them do things on their own they are happy and the parents are the pride and joy. john: thank you lenore skanayzy. do we need to protect college kids from this? oh the video shows him pushing and screaming
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screaming-- slurs at players >> do we need to protect them from this video because the students are white? ♪ but just to keep up our morale a man who does have grit. enough to come back after this. this. >> everything is gone.
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this is my computer? this is your computer. t's go on the internet. let's go click it? yes. ok. i cursor in between the r and the e. when i say dot, i want you to just push the period. she's going to love me all over again now. that's it! jamaica here you come! here we go. all righ good job. thank you.
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thank you. i did it. by myself. feel smarter. not. >> the south has been torn apart and alabama is devastated. >> day mile wide tornado cuts a path of destruction. john: and destroyed much of tuscaloosa and within seconds this business express ll change was turned int this. the owner bill his business over 25 yes it would have beenasy to quit after it was destroyed j.p. rebuilt the company it said it wouldld not cover all the cost and
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worse, a city bureaucrats ld him he would not be allowed to rebuild on his property there. but he did. here it is. john carney has gripped. >> as far as grit seven day per week never-ending challenge to achieve your goal. its is never give up when he mini possible to achieve the final goal. john: most jobs are not seven-- per week. >> i look at it you have an agreement with your employees i had employees tested by me and i thought it was best for me stick by them. so i should exhaust every poibility you get back in business as soon as possible john: the tornado destroyed is your property and you want to rebuild and the local government says no because your place is the
9:32 pm
eyesore? to make a site could not but i was not a desirable business they were looking for something more aesthetically appealing appealing, something. john: the wheel changed place. >> it is dirty and we are in the busiest intersection of the town of the thousand. with my brother who is my partner we have been very successful 25 years. when the tornado came through, th city was looking at ways to do take advaage''" end quote. of this situation and talking about rebuilding plans when it took me three weeks to get a demolition permit to clean up mimas. john: and more delays they wanted you to do turn the building 90 degrees and add certain parking? they mn well? >> they meant well but i never said they did not have the best in mind but their recommendations were the code was going back to 1972
9:33 pm
and they were outdated if officials wanted to compromise they could have. john: they have no sense the damage they do they just assume everybody can delay three weeks? >> the most politicians have no concept of time or men needed to spend money in have nothing but time for a business person like me the clock is so is ticking. john: i'm glad you got your business up congratulations john carney we put one example of true grit because now we will return to the stories would you think about what this basketball coach is doing? and he would kick them and throw balls he deserves to be in a mental institution ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has comeo a delightful end.
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john: ♪ ♪ john: were you offended? no? it is racist and sexist and promotes white supremacy. really. that is why at one college professor wrote their attitude is not atypical the fire for individual rights and education. why did they say that is racist? >> it is part of the grand tapestry. it is another example of how people take something that is an incentive you watch the whole biddy it is it in nerd adorable making geek jokes and it is based on a parity.
9:39 pm
john: they're trying to say we're not totally nerd's we like music. >> they are saying we are totally nerds but they are all white and male. >> a group of friends in the was a south asian students and some female students but it was a gup of white friends to do the free video to promote the engineering department was a pfessor and head grad students said this represents white supremacy. john: uc more of this now? >> the victory of the rht not to be offended the false idea. john: and the assumption it offended you if you were right -- white? >> as a then the people who wrote the article it is hard to imagine anybody was offended but we have given privileged to the ideahat we are not allowed to contradict and campuses are making it worse.
9:40 pm
>> and those are easily offended can dictate other's behavior. >> then it is insincere. if you have the trump card to shut down the arguments upheld who will not abuse that and they have been 30 years. john: use it to protect people make this worse? >> federal laws federal discrimination laws and universities are so worried about being sued that when you have these overreactions on campus said general counsel house to say probably it is safer to overreact. john: you could be sued for the hostile environment. >> in the study for american association of colleges only 30 percent of college seniors agree with the state it is safe to hold unpopular opinions on campus only 17 percent of professors agrees to matt that defeats the purpose of higher education. john: which is debate. >> harvard has a civility pledge. >> we should be settled that
9:41 pm
you have to agree to hold civility and inclusiveness and kindness on the same level of intellectual attainment. it is dishonest the idea that the most you the institution sa now we are inclusive? what ever. and so we'll just hosted at what they need to believe? why don't we shutdown the univsity if we have decided moral philosophy. john: the country was founded by people who were in polite. >> very rude. >> one student journalist wrote to coaches on other campuses about the hockey coach and he wrote at the end. john: just tried to give information write a paper. >> toe need to say anything just to be nice and he got a response from cornell saying this is suggesting that if
9:42 pm
there is anything nice that could be setting is offensive they suspended the student and kicked him off as if he was a serious threat. john: they notified the police. with your help he got back on campus and publicize these then the university gets embarrassed and they say never mind. >> the main weapon is public scrutiny. john: syracuse? >> repeater offender making the top of the worst colleges for free speech craig two years running. john: of black teachers edition hire more black colleges teachers. >> and one student was offended a white student said you say i have to stay on my side o the tracks? he wrote this to his friends on facebook saying i am being unappreciated for my volunteer time and suspended him from the program. john: he was required to3
9:43 pm
seek a and your management and diversity training in writing paper demonstrating gross regarding cultural diversity to get back on campus. he did not do those because you intervened, there was public outragee i am glad you're out there doing that. thank you greg lukianoff i think this basketball coach is a jerk but should he have is a jerk but should he have the right? a single ember from a wildfire can travel over a mile. that ember can ignite, and destroy your home or community. you can't control where that ember will land only what happens before it does.
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visit to learn how you can help protect your community from wildfir.
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john:hat is one clip o the rutgers university basketball coach csing and his players he threw balls, pushed others and in video hit the airwaves governor christie called him an animal and others said what he did was appalling in the coach was fired. but eric bolling said this. >> talk about wussification of america and american men "this ist". john: wussification identify agree that coach is supposed to be a leader and role model and he was a jerk and not even affected the team had a losing record and
9:48 pm
police are a big problemn schools now we're told bullying is getting worse. but the author of "bully nation" sue porte disagrees that police are no worse now and overprotective parents and legislators do more harm than good. really? protecng the kids from belize? here is what you have to understand kids are no different than they were when we were children but yet in our view of them has changed radically in that is something i am interested in because. >> youare scol psyclogi ima no admistrar so knofrom perice kids are not meaner than they used to be in our not doing nastier things. john: they learn more lessonabout kindness. >> i would say are nicer group than we were. john: b2. >> they are more polite but things shifted after
9:49 pm
columbine and we are now a nation that is not only fearful of children but raging. john: water redoing that is harmful? >> we no longer call kids to bet when they fail us test but when they make a mistake we give them a label you are a bully and conversely you are a victim that is just as dangerous because you give them the message the identity comes from pain and weakness. john: bk to the basketball coach that evil thing he did the coach is too extreme things to get extreme response as i was an athlete and although my coach never said words but what that guy did was abused his power and that is the standard definition of bullying. i think he was a bad coach and probably needed a lot of
9:50 pm
discipline. john: but the reaction went too far? >> let me tell you as soon as we use t term billy we have license to get enraged with whoever we give the term to. john: you argue at coaches are supposed to be tough and athletes perform better? >> i would have performed there well if my coach said you are so great. john: so it is okay? >> not his t i tnk you'll get people to perform at their best just by telling them they are great. you get them to perform by taking them to the edging get them to perform by making them go inside to find something they have never found before. john: but he went too far. but now they define it by unfriendly this? rolling your eyes? >> persistent and friendliness of you work with middle school kids you find this is how they define
9:51 pm
bullying is not the classic david kyd shaking down the lunch money it is i talk to a school principal who got a call from my mom my child is believed because someone told her her earrings were too big. that is what is going on. john: manchin middle school. is in high school is middle school. >> middle school is so self-conscious and self absorbed they will see us liked everywhere in abig part of to help them develop grit is deal with th and know that is part of life you will feel bad times and you have to find a way to get through that. how do you do that? >> anti-bullying laws make that effort? >> i think they do. transpose the word bully and i call it anti-childwe are legislating against children's mistakes again stains that you and i
9:52 pm
experienced and perhaps did as kids now restart to see kids as the allah and they haven't changed. john: a wisconsin acre woman who put on weight got an e-mail saying surely don't consider yourself a suitable ample for young peopleor girls then she went on women and complained. >> october is national anti-bullying month and it is a problem growing every y in our schools and the internet id has become a within our schools has become a battleground and this behavior is learned it is passed down from the people like the manho wrote me that the male. >> if you look at the classic definition is has to do with power. there was no power differential she received an e-mail she did not like. he could not fire her, the only thing he did was influence her feelings and
9:53 pm
yet she felt she could call him a bully and also felt that when you do that you yourself never have to look your behavior so she went on tv to talk about it. what about his reaction? she doesn't care about that. then wek what ever happened to it charles edison and vincent van gogh and charles schulz what do they have in common? next.
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and. >> are you ready colonel? john: today's some people make fun of western's but they often told e true story of the grit then made america possible. the pioneers left safe places to and travel enormous distances only to tough it out in wilderness. the term called and dealing and used for nothing and the ranches and farms, of breaking side and plowing and suffering through cold winters grit is what it took to create civilization and requires delaying gratification wanting something bigger than yourself and in the case of america's pioneers, a start date and abusing children and wives and husbands to build communities. as john wayne character put
9:58 pm
itwe're building an asian. we have got to suffer. no great trail was never placed without hardship. that is life and grit is the stuff of life and greenness is achieved only after repeated failure. van gogh was unable to sell paintings he only sold one during his lifetime and he painted 900. cartoonist charles schulz had every cartoon he submitted rejected and the nets became one of the most successful cartoons of all time and thomas edison teachers told his mom he was too stupid to learn and was fired from his first two jobs for being nonproductive but he had the grito try and tragainnd got 1,000 u.s. patents including the electric railway and of course, the labeled that followed 1,000 unsuccessful attempts and a reporter asked him how does iteel to fail 1,000 times?
9:59 pm
he said i didn't. the late fall was an invention with 1,000 steps. that is grit it is great we liven a wealthy cotry with the welfare state so big we worry abo for people getting fat but what makes most people happy is notomfort but earned success the struggle for the opposite of berndt success is learned helplessness and experiment when good things occurred that were not burned like nichols coming onslaught machines it did not increase people's well-being but it produced helplessness and people gave up and became passive. that passivity is a threat to our future. everybody goes through pain and loss a struggle to overcome the about to happiness and prosperity and that is our show. thank you for watching.
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we will see you next week. she has we celebrate our nation'sirthday want to share with you my favorite interviews so far this year, right here, right now. >> from fox business headquarters in new york city it is the tom sullivan show. here is your host, tom sullivan. >> thanks for joining us. the top of this that, government service started as a naval aviator than as a congressman, he ran the office of economic opportunity, he was ambassador to nato, white house chief of staff, served twice as defense secretary. if there is someone more experienced in holding office in washington i'm not sure who that would be. here's my interview with the


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